Take the money for weekly rubbish collections

I MUST beg leave to disagree with Councillor Peter Downes with regard to rubbish collection. The fortnightly collection has never been either “accepted” or “well received” in this household.

Naturally, I can only speak for this household. But it will be interesting to see how many other people write in – certainly many of my neighbours do not like the fortnightly collection of grey (household rubbish) bins, particularly in hot weather.

I think most of us could accept fortnightly collections for dry recyclables and garden waste, but the grey bin becomes very smelly and fly-infested during the second week when the weather is warm. Indeed, I made the last Huntingdonshire District Council leader come and inspect mine in hot weather a couple of years ago.

I can accept again, as I accepted on that occasion, that the weekly collection was not affordable. But it seems to me that Mr Pickles’s offer of money might just have changed that.

For the record, nobody from any local political party has, to the best of my knowledge, asked anyone in Sawtry for their views. That would, indeed, represent a serious step towards “localism” - but possibly too revolutionary a step to contemplate.


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