Take a moment to clear up when using our parks

ON the last snowy Sunday, our park in Mill Lane, Ramsey, was full of young people building snow forts, snowmen and generally having a good time.

It did my heart good to see them. But the next morning their detritus was everywhere. On that day I picked up five empty beer bottles and put them in the bin.

However, when the snow melted, it revealed two smashed bottles, one full one and about another dozen empties plus the soggy cardboard box used to carry the beer.

I have picked all that up too and walked with it the enormous distance of 25 yards to the nearest bin.

I don’t support the boys mean any harm. They are just thoughtless. At least 30 of us walk our dogs in that field, two of which have already cut their feet on glass left on previous occasions.

Many young children play with their parents in the same area. Children are prone to fall over and the glass is waiting.

To be fair, some of the dog owners are guilty of allowing their dogs to foul the area and don’t pick up the mess, and most of those are adults who should know better.

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It only takes a moment to use the bins provided. If this letter makes a person think twice, then I’ll have achieved a small victory.