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I STOOD down as the Conservative candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) when too many local activists opposed my determination not to join the party.

While my personal values are Conservative, I am not a politician. The governance of policing must be impartial and non-political. I was certain that I could not convince the public of my impartial stance if I were a member of a political party – and that was borne out in many of my conversations with local people.

Party political activists are partisan, and some expect privileged access in exchange for supporting a candidate. Those characteristics are inconsistent with policing, which must serve the people of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough equally.

I have therefore decided to endorse Ansar Ali for PCC. Ansar is your independent candidate who is committed to impartial policing. He has a long record of public service. He is capable and understands our local policing situation. He is passionate about engaging with the community and setting policing priorities that people want.

The introduction of PCCs is the biggest change to the oversight of our police in decades. I encourage everyone to vote for Ansar Ali on November 15, to keep the politics out of policing.


Former Conservative candidate for Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner

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