Support for affordable homes ‘exception site’ in Hemingford

I AM writing to express my opinion about the ‘exceptional affordable housing development’ that is being proposed within the village of Hemingford Grey.

A site has been chosen within the village for the construction of a small number of properties (13 houses and two bungalows) solely for occupation by people with village connections on a part-buy/part-rent basis. This has been the subject of some debate within the village as to the pros and cons of the scheme.

The views are many and varied, but I do, however, trust that our parish council to take the views of all the residents of the village(s) into account; those in favour, those not in favour, and those who are neutral.

I personally feel that there should be the opportunity for local residents who have long associations with the village to be able to afford a home within the heart of the village, rather than the only option being to rent a house, and therefore not be able to build up any equity over the years.

This is a very exciting proposal being presented to our village to allow us to remain a balanced community. There would be strict guidelines about to whom the houses are allocated to ensure local residents can benefit.

The name of the scheme, ‘exceptional affordable housing development’, is very apt. It would be on an exception basis, it would make housing within the village affordable for those residents without a high income, and it would be developed with the views of the villagers taken into consideration (and they would be houses too).


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Editor’s note: ‘Exception sites’ have a particular meaning in planning law. They enable affordable homes to be provided for local people in places where development would not otherwise be allowed.