Success in the battle to curb speeding in Ramsey Mereside

Councillor Peter Reeve welcomes the new traffic calming measures in Oilmills Road, Ramsey

Councillor Peter Reeve welcomes the new traffic calming measures in Oilmills Road, Ramsey - Credit: Archant

Campaigners in Ramsey Mereside are celebrating after traffic calming measures were finally installed along a stretch of road in the town.

Work has been completed to install build-outs in Oilmills Road, as part of a road traffic calming project, which will see drivers forced to reduce their speed.

District and county council member for Ramsey, Councillor Peter Reeve, said: “When we started looking a Ramsey Mereside we knew that traffic calming measures needed to be put in place, I have been working since 2007 to try to get the measures installed.

“The work to install the measures has only just finished and from what I hear they have been successful so far.”

Among the measures include four gates at either end of the street, extra speed limit signs and build-outs.

“We have a problem of speeding in all of our villages but we wanted to make it clear that this road wasn’t just a fast straight road but highlight that this is a community that drivers are entering” Cllr Reeve said.

“We did notice that when people were going through Mereside they didn’t realise it was a community area that is why we wanted these measures to be put in to make drivers slow down.”

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Grant funding of £20,000 was awarded following successful applications by Ramsey Town Council, which approached the Ramsey Windfarm Fund and Cambridgeshire County Council.

Following the installation of the measures, Cllr Reeve is now calling for similar action to be taken in Ramsey Forty Foot and Ramsey Heights.

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