Stuck with the current A1 in Cambs ... and patience would help

HAVING driven in and out of Buckden for the last 40 years, I have never had any trouble leaving the high street. Yes, I have on occasions had to be very patient and often had to wait five or so minutes to go north.

I am afraid that having cameras on the approach to the roundabout will not ease the exit from the high street. Traffic has to slow to 20 to 30mph to go round the roundabout, which would make the cameras redundant – it would be a great deal of money wasted.

The problem is the sheer amount of traffic using the A1. As the southbound traffic has priority there are only two options for those drivers who have a problem going north – install traffic lights (unlikely to happen) or reinstate the Baldock to Alconbury bypass (even more unlikely to happen).

I am afraid you are stuck with the present situation.