Struck-off councillor-JP: I will not rest with this stain

I CAN confirm that an allegation was made against me to the Health Professions Council (HPC) by a 72-year-old female client whom I treated in my capacity as a physiotherapist. The subsequent hearing found against me as an individual and as a result I am no longer able to use the term physiotherapist.

I have no option but to accept the judgment as it stands currently, but I will add that this is in no way an admission of any guilt whatsoever on my behalf. I stand by my innocence, as do my family, and we believe that this is a case of a miscarriage of justice based on a lack of a factual foundation.

I believe that the conduct of the HPC in the manner that the hearing was performed has discredited them as a professional body. I am continuing to seek legal advice on this matter and so I do not believe that it would be prudent for me to comment further on the exact details.

However, I will add that there were procedural irregularities both during and after the hearing and as a result the avenue of formal appeal has been closed to me. This is deeply frustrating but I am continuing to vigorously pursue the legal opportunities that are available.

I believe that this matter is principally a private one and I am disappointed that it has been placed in the public domain in the manner it has been. I have made myself available to all who wish to question me as I believe that in the fullness of time the judgment that the HPC handed down in June will be seen to be unsound.

I will continue to serve my constituents as a district and county councillor and remain as active as I always have been in the local community. Indeed I have met with Huntingdon Constituency Conservative Association representatives who have advised me that I should continue the actions I have set in motion to clear my name.

Given that this remains an ongoing matter, they support my decision to continue to serve both as a councillor and elected an officer of the association.

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I will not rest with this stain on my professional record and most of all, I do not want anyone else to have to suffer the trauma of false allegations being made against them. This whole episode has dented my faith in the system and, given the lack of factual foundation that I have already alluded to, it remains difficult for me to articulate the emotional upset and distress that the whole situation has caused me and my family.

I very much appreciate the large number of e-mails, texts and phone calls offering support and giving comments at their disgust at the decision - especially those who have sort out my contact numbers to offer their support.


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