Stop wasting money on climate change ‘myth’

IT is time that we put the global warming myth to bed and stopped wasting money on it, as there is now evidence that the climate change argument is a myth.

I quote from Terri Jackson, a climatologist who is the director of Independent Climate Research Group (ICRG) in Bangor, Co Down: “The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is 2,700 gigatons, so the contribution from man is only four per cent. The world’s climate is changing because the sun is at its lowest point for 100 years.

In fact, the Earth has been cooling for 10 years. Even some on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) admit this is the case.

”Proof for the cooling comes from the main global temperate tracking outlets here and in the US.

An attempt is being made to ‘hide the decline’. I quote from the hacked e-mails sent by Dr Phil Jones of the climate unit at East Anglia University and Dr Kevin Trenberth: “We cannot account for the lack of warming.”

The IPCC has tried to conceal the MWP (mediaeval warming period) when temperatures were much higher than today. The models used by the IPCC will always show the atmosphere is warming because they use a residence time of decades for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

In fact, the accurate residence time for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is only five or six years. Factor this into the models and you get no significant warming.

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Building more windmills is a waste of money. They are unreliable. Public concern about climate change is on the wane.

The number of people willing to alter the way they live in the hope of making a difference to global warming fell by around 10 per cent last year. There was also a sharp drop in those who regard themselves as ‘fairly concerned about climate change’.

The figures released by the Government suggest that doubts about global warming have been growing since the summer of 2009. This was before the damage inflicted on the cause by the ‘Climategate’ scandals later that year in which leading scientists were accused of manipulating data to support the case of man-made climate change.

More recently, doubts about the efficiency of wind turbines and the high costs of the Coalition’s drive for renewable energy have seen enthusiasm for the cause dwindling. Fewer than two thirds now say they are at least ‘fairly concerned’ about climate change according to figures recently published by the Department of Transport.Let’s stop wasting money now.


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