Stop sending Huntingdon shoppers to St Ives

I WOULD like to register my disgust at the large sign, presumably placed by Huntingdonshire District Council, in the Princes Street car park advertising the August Bank Holiday market in St Ives.

Huntingdon is struggling enough to get people to shop in the town due to the dwindling number of decent shops without our council encouraging them to go to St Ives.

The council seems to have big plans for Huntingdon but they are very, very slow to get off the ground. Do something now HDC before there are no shops left in the town centre to have the cars to fill your planned multi-storey car park.

As an aside. Wouldn’t it be lovely if all the people that came into Huntingdon on Sunday, July 8, to see the Olympic torch came in to shop. Then perhaps Huntingdon wouldn’t look like a ghost town.


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