Start the savings at the top of our Cambs councils

WHY is it that, when there are any savings to be made with councils, the savings always seem to start at the ­bottom – ie street cleaning, IT, CCTV etc.

No mention is ever made of savings at the top.

How much do our council executives earn?

In the article last week is states that ­Huntingdonshire District Council’s managing director Joanne Lancaster is involved in helping members maintain funding for services with the highest priorities.

How about looking at the wage bill of the ­council executives?

Publish their salaries and let us, the Council Tax payers, decide if they are excessive and need to be trimmed.

It is without doubt that we are going through difficult financial times.

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I, along with most Council Tax payers, have not had a pay increase in some considerable time, in fact my income has decreased, but the council hierarchy seem to be inflation proof.

If there is to be any collective belt tightening to be done, let’s start it from here.


Station Road