St Neots X5 is not serving the public’s needs

MR Trew raises some interesting points in his letter (September 7), but I fear he hasn’t read mine correctly. At no stage did I suggest that all the deleted St Neots X5 stops be restored, merely that the increased walking times to access the remaining stops will deter many people from leaving the car at home and using the bus.

My proposition is that an intermediate stop is reintroduced each side of town to reduce these lengthy walks.

‘Connections’ available from the local service were also mentioned in my letter when quoting the increased journey times, again sufficiently unattractive to deter the use of the car.

Finally, I would support any better thought out local bus service for the St Neots area, including one on a Sunday, as the easy option one-way circular affair that only connects with trains in one direction, except for a few hit and miss coincidences in the peak hours, does not serve our growing town adequately.


Apple Grove

Eaton Ford