St Neots station needs lifts more than Huntingdon

I READ with astonishment that Huntingdon railway station has been fitted with a lift to make platforms accessible to wheelchair users.

Of course this is always a good thing but isn’t Huntingdon already accessible to wheelchair users? Yes it is. I know this because a friend of mine who is in a wheelchair has to drive from St Neots to Huntingdon to commute to work because St Neots railway station is not accessible!

I am flabbergasted, amazed, astonished and incredulous that the project undertaken by Network Rail and funded by the Government was given to Huntingdon when it doesn’t need it and St Neots is still inaccessible.

Oh and while I’m on my soapbox, I can’t believe St Neots didn’t get the Olympic torch when it’s the largest town in Cambridgeshire. Such a shame.


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