St Neots parking warning

I WANT to bring your readers’ attention to something that has recently happened to me when I parked in the council car park at the back of Lidl in St Neots.

I parked my car in the car park, in Cambridge Street, on Saturday December 10 and purchased from the machine a ticket that actually covered Saturday and Sunday at a cost of �1.50. There is only one way into this car park, which is through Lidl car park.

I received a parking charge notice from a company acting for Lidl, to say I had exceeded the time for parking at Lidl: they had a picture of my car in transit as I was just passing through Lidl to park my car in the council car park. Fortunately, after rummaging through the dustbin and stressing out after a day at work, I found my ticket.

I have rung the council offices, and they are aware people are being issued with these notices, but couldn’t give me any reassurance that, even with purchasing my parking ticket in their car park, the fine would be waived. The fine is �45 pay now or �90 if they proceed.

I am now having to write to customer services at Lidl in Scotland, Athena Parking and Huntingdonshire District Council – just what you need at Christmas.


Sparrowhawk Way

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