St Neots parking decision will have an impact on our town

IT seems that Councillor Nick Guyatt is not aware of the number of free spaces that were initially provided on the riverside at St Neots.

Initially when charges were introduced there were 40 red spaces designated for free parking with two very costly ticket machines. However, during the refurbishment of the parking area surface two red spaces were removed (namely 39 and 40 – with no warning) leaving 38. So the informed councillor obviously has been misled quoting 39 spaces.

At no time were these free parking spaces intended for the sole use of park visitors but first come first served, a concession for local people who objected to the charges and were prepared to walk and reduce the amount of traffic in town. They were free parking for anyone – beside two free hours in St Neots Riverside Park is ridiculous.

The Mayor of St Neots must have noticed the amount empty spaces in the Riverside Car Park since the introduction of charges, or does he cross the bridge in a blindfold? It seems he has his eye more on St Ives.

This move may well reduce further the footfall as unlike St Ives, St Neots has a bridge to enter the town, several sets of traffic lights (more that St Ives), pedestrian crossings (more than St Ives) and strangely enough more population than St Ives (even with visitors).

St Neots is the focus of this article.


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Eaton Socon

SO let me get this right: Councillors at Huntingdonshire District Council, who are obviously completely unaware of the deep recession, are withdrawing the remaining free parking spaces at St Neots Riverside Car Park because they are being used by ‘shoppers rather than visitors to the park.’

These are people spending money!

This statement is so nonsensical as to defy belief, proving once again that they have no real understanding of the commercial world.

HDC’s income is derived from Council Tax, which we have no choice but to pay, whereas the traders in St Neots and elsewhere have to actually generate revenue. A job made much harder by HDC which has a base revenue that is guaranteed. Pathetic.