St Neots car park - council ‘desecration’

NOT only do we now have to pay to park in the Riverside Car Park in St Neots, but now the council has decided to make the environment within the car park look like an inner-city landscape by removing all the mature trees and shrubs.

They were not only an attractive feature but provided a habitat for many birds throughout the year, especially during the winter months, as most trees and shrubs had berries on them.

Was the Environment Agency consulted or the RSPB? I doubt it.

The car park, apart from now being almost empty, which is testament to all of us who predicted the impact on the town, now looks like a blot on the landscape of our town.

I would be interested in hearing the council’s argument for carrying out this desecration, and I bet it will be another example of the kind of stupidity that seems to thrive in the town halls of this country.


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Editor’s note: Huntingdonshire District Council explained: “The work is necessary to replace shrubs and trees which are unhealthy or unsuitable for the location, and to fill in area areas of the beds.

“In respect of the trees, we are replacing them with other trees that are more suitable for the location.

“The finished scheme will enhance the amenity value of the area and provide a much improved environment around the car park with a minimal maintenance requirement.”