Long-established camera club in St Neots welcomes new members

A recent meeting at the St Neots and District Camera Club

A recent meeting at the St Neots and District Camera Club - Credit: Archant

St Neots and District Camera Club

Where do they meet? Meetings are held at the St Neots Bowling Club, in St Anselm Place near the tennis courts in St Neots, on Tuesdays, from September-April.

Time: Starts at 7.15pm.

How much does it cost?

Small annual subscription charge.

About the club: A long-established club that currently has 70 members and is one of the largest and best equipped in the east anglian region. The club can also accomodate wheelchair users.

Who can join? Anyone, regardless of whether they have experience or just take snaps for a hobby.

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What do they do? Excellent programme of talks and demonstrations. Practical help and advice is also availble. The club also holds an annual exhibition where members’ work is display. This year, the event takes place on October 5 at The Priory Centre, in St Neots.

What equipment do you need? No-one is expected to arrive with a bag full of expensive gear.

“All cameras take good photographs, it is the person behind the camera that produces the best photographs,” said publicity secretary Shirley Kevern.

INFO: website at: www.stneots-camera-club.org.uk.