St Ives traffic means having to abandon car

AS I am retired and no longer go into Cambridge every day, I had not experienced any delays [on Harrison Way, St Ives] until I had to make two visits to my GP for a fasting blood test – this means attending the clinic early, as soon as it opens at 8am.

The first occasion, as the A1123 was full of traffic from the roundabout, I carried on to Needingworth Road and went into St Ives that way, but I could not get to Great Farthing Close before the road was blocked. I parked my car and ran to keep my appointment.

The next week I left 30 minutes before my appointment, but I still had to park in Needingworth Road, but this time I had more time to walk the distance. My sympathy lies with the working population of the area.


Hawkes Lane