St Ives Tories not targeting other parties

ANYONE who has seen the latest Tory election leaflets will notice that a good deal of space is devoted to attacking Independents, even before the list of candidates for election to St Ives Town Council has been announced.

Anyone who truly believes in the democratic process and has the interests of St Ives at heart would surely welcome the fact that enthusiastic and intelligent community-minded people are coming forward to serve the town, and that the voters of St Ives are being offered a real choice.

There is no such slating in these leaflets of those who are standing as Lib-Dem or UKIP candidates. No – the fear is of those who are not standing on a party ticket and who vote in accordance with their own principles.

It is Independents who pose the greatest threat to those who are aiming to inflict on St Ives Town Council a bunch of career district councillors, who would want St Ives Town Council to go along with what has already been decided at Huntingdonshire District Council by those representing the interests of other towns and their followers, who would be forced to toe the party line.


Rookery Close

St Ives