St Ives ring road congestion should improve after traffic light change

THE St Ives ring road should be less congested at peak hours after engineers changed traffic light timings on the guided busway crossing.

The Hunts Post revealed in February that traffic was being stopped every two minutes by the crossing in Harrison Way, backing traffic up through the town as buses and passengers made their way across the road.

Cambridgeshire County Council denied there was a problem at first, but in a visit to the site in March officials identified a number of issues causing congestion including traffic light timings on the guided bus crossing and traffic build-up on the Meadow Lane roundabout.

A county council spokesman said: “We can confirm that changes to the timings of the traffic signals were carried out last week. The changes will reduce the number of times that the main road has to stop when there are both pedestrians and buses using the junction.”

Along with the traffic lights change, the county council built a new bus stop in July for service A guided buses to reduce the number of passengers crossing the road.