St Ives path closure was fully consulted

I WAS rather surprised to read Mrs Coville-Phillips’s letter (April 25) titled ‘No democracy’ in relation to the land between Laburnum Way and Kingsbrook.

Perhaps she missed my previous letter (March 28) in which it was clearly stated that both town and district councils had approved closure following due planning process in 2010.

Mrs Coville-Phillips stated “no notices were ever put up informing the voters and taxpayers…”: that is plain wrong. Let’s be clear that the planning process involved council letters to local residents and council notices placed on nearby trees. There was even one on a telegraph pole right on the land in question.

All surrounding residents wrote letters supporting the closure, and both councils agreed. Does this not constitute a democratic process? Maybe Mrs Coville-Phillips didn’t get a letter because she does not live near the land being closed off.

I can therefore fully sympathise with the story of Mr and Mrs Brown from Eynesbury (April 11) who pointed out that subsequent canvassing further afield had led to decisions being overturned and had forced them to move home to avoid anti-social behaviour.

We have had three further instances of ASB to endure in just the last two weeks and that means I have had to challenge people (some drunk) while we wait for police to arrive sometime later. Is that fair for me and my family?

Let’s not forget that a tarmac footpath is located within a few yards of this land in question and is used by the vast majority of people. No-one is looking to close access across an open field from Laburnum Way, just a small strip in Kingsbrook where the ASB occurs.

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Should Mrs Coville-Phillips become elected to St Ives Town Council, I hope she really does follow through with the phrase she repeatedly used in her election literature … common sense.



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