St Ives is a town drowning in its excellent bus service

ST IVES town is blighted by its bus service. Yes, it is an excellent service and provides rapid and regular services to the local area. But it disrupts the town centre.

For example, look what it has done to the bank holiday markets. St Ives used to be jammed with people from the town centre right up Station Road. Now, due to buses using Station Road, the market is much smaller and the crowds do not bother coming.

The bus stop in Station Road is a joke and regularly creates traffic jams and hazards. Surely a scheme could be devised so that the buses enter and leave the bus station from the rear and never have to go into Station Road?

Look at the problems in North Road next to Globe Place car park – the road is barely wide enough and buses regularly mount the pavement to pass the oncoming traffic. It’s the same further up at the Woodland Court junction. Both of these areas should have been widened when the developments were taking place.

You must feel sorry for the bus drivers having to deal with these issues on a daily basis.

Maybe the next bank holiday will prove me wrong and the town will be jammed. Maybe the planners have something in mind already?


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