St Ives gym uses new initiative to help people reach wellbeing goals

A happy girl relaxes in the Training Shed, a gym in st Ives, after a workout

The Training Shed St Ives has developed a simple assessment to help improve your overall wellbeing. - Credit:

If your fitness and lifestyle goals have been disrupted by the pandemic, WELLBEING SCORE ™, a new simple assessment tool developed by the Training Shed in St Ives, will help you get back on track. 

The past year has been one of uncertainty, constant change and adapting. 

Whether you have spent time building new health and fitness regimes, managed to stay in your regular routine or slipped into some bad habits, it is vital to understand how your ‘new normal’ lifestyle has affected you. This is particularly important as we move towards coming out of lockdown. 

Wellbeing can be defined as ‘living a healthy lifestyle,’ which can be affected by many factors – nutritional habits, health markers and your ability to move well. 

Enhancing and optimising your wellbeing has many benefits including, enhanced resistance and immunity to illness, reduced risk of disease, less aches, pains, improved mental wellbeing, more energy and better concentration.

The Training Shed at One Leisure St Ives Outdoor has developed a simple, non-intrusive assessment that delves into your nutrition, health habits and movement abilities. 

Your wellbeing score is designed to provoke conversation and identify your strengths as well as areas for improvement. 

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It only takes five minutes to complete and will help to increase your awareness of how your daily habits contribute to your overall wellbeing.

Upon completion of the Training Shed’s WELLBEING SCORE ™ you will receive a free 50 page ebook with tips to improve your score. 

Supported by research and aligned with NHS guidelines, the WELLBEING SCORE ™ can really help you to quickly understand and optimise your wellbeing. 

Jemma Marriot, a happy Training Shed client said: “I did the WELLBEING SCORE ™ last April. With lockdown and gyms being closed I knew I wasn’t as active as I was before and I really wanted to lose weight for my wedding next year.

"I started to slowly introduce small changes like drinking more water and cutting down on fizzy drinks. This alongside more walking with my dog had me feeling so much better and I started to feel more comfortable in my clothes.

"It goes to show how the smallest lifestyle changes can make a huge difference, and I thank the guys at Training Shed for helping me identify those little things!” 

In partnership with One Leisure St Ives, Training Shed has a new Covid-19 safe membership for £35 per month and all classes are included.  

For more information email or visit the Training Shed's website or follow them on Facebook or Instagram