St Ives councillor may regret defection

MUCH as I admire Councillor Ryan Fuller’s youthful exuberance for the workings of the political machine, I fear he has got it wrong this time in switching his allegiance to the Conservative party (The Hunts Post, December 8).

In mainstream politics there is no bigger Tory supporter than I, but I have to agree with the townspeople of St Ives when they voted by sheer number to elect a new town council with a dominant Independent majority.

The very nature of the beast is that it transcends national trends in government policies and aspirations: small communities need the personal touch, and this is not achievable under the control of the party whips.

The Corn Exchange opening has exceeded all expectations. St Ives now has a hub around which the arts and cultural interests are set to grow, not to mention commercial offshoots, which will help fund the popular building. The revamp of the Town Hall was a necessity, as was the extension of the cemetery and the running of the bus station toilets essential to a thriving twice-weekly market.

I agree that it all has to be paid for, but careful fiscal planning does at times require borrowing, even in these cash-strapped times.

Knowing many of the town councillors as I do and the sheer momentum of commitment and hard work that they do makes Councillor Fuller’s statements that “they were doing less than ever before” somewhat galling.

I consider it a privilege to live in St Ives. I love the infrastructure and, what’s more, I love the folk who live there – it might not be long before they may make Councillor Fuller regret his decision to cross the floor.

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