St Ives clean-up critic was not there

I WAS somewhat surprised to read Colin Saunderson’s letter about the St Ives RiverCare project and his personal attack on me (April 4).

Apart from seeming to have misunderstood the point of the project by insinuating that it was merely done for a few election leaflet photos, Mr Saunderson was not even at the river clean-up event. This is highlighted by his incorrect statement that only three Conservative councillors took part.

Why therefore is he writing a letter attacking those volunteers who did take part in the community project? He insists that the whole project was established by the Conservatives for ‘publicity and denigration of political opponents’ yet goes on to publicise his own voluntary efforts and denigrates myself, the project organiser Chris Hayton and other volunteers.

Photos were taken at the RiverCare clean-up for the St Ives In Bloom portfolio that is to be submitted to the Anglia In Bloom judges later this year when they judge our town.

I am also accused of political point-scoring because I suggested that I believe in rolling my sleeves up and working for our town. I am not sure how this is point-scoring, and I hope Mr Saunderson has not taken offence at my statement.

Having spent a number of years now volunteering much of my time with various local groups such as St Ives Town Initiative, St Ives Christmas lights, St Ives In Bloom, St Ives Carnival and Music Festival and the St Ives 900 celebrations committees, I was simply stating that I believe in actively supporting our community.

I have always taken a hands-on approach, which is why I was happy to assist with the river clean-up.

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I would like to thank Chris Hayton for establishing the RiverCare project in St Ives and I just hope that, having now been attacked in the local paper, he is not put off from volunteering any more of his time.

Councillor RYAN FULLER

Pettis Road

St Ives