Spend A14 money on expanding St Ives bus station

THERE is a firm intention to locate a bus stop in the road outside the Hyperion Auction rooms in Station Road, St Ives, very close to the dangerous junction with Market Road.

During working hours you can view this junction from the web cam of Fink Creative and see how buses turning from Market Road block the entire road while doing that manoeuvre.

Guided bus service A currently operates from the park and ride site because it is alleged that the St Ives bus station is at capacity, so some passengers walk or cycle to the terminus. This involves crossing Harrison Way so reducing the traffic flow on that road during peak times.

Bringing route A into town will undoubtedly help reduce the congestion on Harrison Way.

The site for the bus stop has been selected because it is close to the bus station and the town centre, even though there is a better site where the road is wider only 50 yards further on.

The Road Safety Audit team recommended this location but Bob Menzies has stated in writing that “safety is not the only consideration”.

County council staff are guilty of hypocrisy because service A only drops passengers at New Square and Regent Street in Cambridge. Nether location is close to the bus station or the city centre, so, one criteria for Cambridge another for St Ives.

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In St Ives there are two bus stops that are close to the town centre. They are East Street (well used) and The Quadrant where bus stop markings are needed. Furthermore, very few intending passengers actually live close to Station Road. They are walking or cycling from further afield.

There is a Government grant of �2million to help ease congestion on the A14 and part of this will be used to expand the St Ives Park and Ride site to encourage more traffic to leave the A14 well before Cambridge. Swavesey does not have any parking facilities because there “nothing was in the guided bus construction contract”. This disgraceful failure is being ignored.

Increased traffic off the A14 will make matters even worse for residents living either side of the A1096 approach to St Ives. They were very badly let down by Huntingdonshire District Council when planning permission was given to develop the former Jewson site for housing and now insult is being added to injury.

As previously stated there is serious congestion in Harrison Way during peak times and this problem overflows into the town. County councillors have pledged to take action but I’ve heard that before.

Additional traffic coming off the A14 and turning right at Meadow Lane will only make matters much worse.

The St Ives bus station should be expanded and peak time traffic lights installed at the Meadow Lane roundabout to deter rat running through the town. Whatever money is left can be used to expand the park and ride site.


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