Speedwatch sticking it to St Ives speeders

SPEEDWATCH campaigners in St Ives are sticking it to motorists who put lives at risk by breaking the law.

SPEEDWATCH campaigners in St Ives are sticking it to motorists who put lives at risk by breaking the law.

The St Ives and District Community Speedwatch team is producing wheelie bin stickers for residents to display to remind drivers of the speed limit – and warn them Speedwatch teams may be on patrol.

The signs, saying “30mph – Speed Kills” or “Speedwatch Zone” are available from the Speedwatch teams and have received the backing of the St Ives Road Safety Committee.

David McCandless, co-ordinator of the St Ives and District Speedwatch team, said the initiative had already been welcomed by communities.

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He said: “Most residents support Speedwatch and, while they do not have time to participate fully, they still feel that they would like to do their bit in support of traffic calming in their community and especially along their stretch of road.

“Putting stickers on their wheelie bins provides that opportunity and while it’s limited, it is better than nothing, especially as the Speedwatch team still pops up on bin days just to emphasise that the stickers are not there just for show.”

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The team has already carried out six week-long 24/7 traffic surveys in 2011, picking up from the work done in 2010 which saw 6,000 letters sent to motorists caught speeding.

Mr McCandless said the team had looked into erecting permanent “Speedwatch Community” signs on roads in and out of villages, but the suggestion was rejected by the Peterborough and Cambridge Road Safety Partnership which wanted to avoid a proliferation of signs.

INFORMATION: Stickers for 30mph and 40mph zones are available from Impressions, High Street, Somersham, at �5 for six stickers.

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