Speed humps due after campaign success

TRAFFIC calming measures are set to be installed on a dangerous road after residents campaigned against reckless high-speed drivers.

Homeowners in Hilton decided enough was enough after a series of near misses in Graveley Way left them worried about the death and destruction that could be caused by fast-travelling motorists.

So they organised a 100-signature petition to demand urgent improvements and got road officers to agree to install speed control cushions forming give way entry features to slow vehicles down.

Bill Halford, from Hilton Action on Traffic, said: “There is a problem with speeding and that has been accepted by the council.”

However the plan’s approval still depends on the outcome of a Cambridgeshire County Council consultation, with representations due by Friday, December 3.

“We have got a number of problems with speeding and far more than our fair share of Heavy Goods Vehicles rumbling through causing all sorts of disturbances,” Mr Halford said. “A lot of people who speed along the road and use it don’t live in the village.”

One person’s dog was even killed in an accident blamed on a speeding motorist, prompting residents to organise a petition.

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Councillors on the county council’s area traffic management committee looked at the petition and heard residents’ views before traffic engineers created a scheme to be put out to consultation.

The speed cushions, designed as several split speed humps across Graveley Way, are designed to slow cars down but not hinder wider emergency vehicles, which can straddle the bumps.

“This proposal forms part of a minor improvement scheme on Graveley Way to reduce traffic speeds and improve road safety in both directions,” the council said.

Mr Halford said: “There was certainly a lot of support for the scheme in principle. Now there is a concrete design, people are looking at it and thinking: ‘What does that mean for me?’

He added that Hilton Action on Traffic would now simply keep residents informed about the development of the proposals.