Sound success: 29 tracks entered into Hunts Post song competition

THE deadline for entries to this year s Almost Famous song competition has now passed and we can announce there are a massive 29 tracks from some of the district s best songwriters. The winner has not yet been decided and the tracks are still being playe

THE deadline for entries to this year's Almost Famous song competition has now passed and we can announce there are a massive 29 tracks from some of the district's best songwriters.

The winner has not yet been decided and the tracks are still being played a lot on my iPod.

Some songs are definitely 'growers' while the impact of others has not stayed with me as much as I had expected. So, there's a period of rest while Paul and I compile the CD of tracks that will be given away at the Almost Famous gig on August 10 at The Golden Lion in St Ives. Until then, here is a recap of some of my favourite the moment.

One of the first entrants into the competition, Barry Denston's Need More Time has lost none of its instant charm and catchy simplicity. Gabrielle Wright's The Bright House distinguishes itself as a song that has such ambition and is crafted immaculately. Hide It All by I Only Date Models is a song I've listened to quite a lot - in fact it's the 82nd most played song in my MP3 collection according to iTunes - just below a clutch of Bruce Springsteen songs. It's catchy and dark and builds beautifully into a simple soaring chorus. Fragile by InLight is a similarly sounding piano-lead track. The chorus arrives quite late into the song, but perfectly delivers a simple uneasy sentiment. These two songs are both sold well by magnificent production, but the songs would come across great on an acoustic guitar I'm sure.

Next is an interesting one. Flesh and Blood by The Introspectators is a superb song that I feel gets diminished by some over-elaborate playing. It's quite awkward to listen to at times, but the song hits an emotional mark that few, if any, other songs in the competition match. Maslow's Carla is a true grower with a sweet melody and a great chorus. Tell Me Why by MC WD featuring Skool Boy and Lori is extremely infectious with a magic chorus and some great singing. Philip J Cook's Worth It is pretty rough sounding, but I've always liked that feel. The song has got a lot going for it and shows a lot of promise - something needs to be honed a little - but not too much. Rogue Poet's Sweetheart Oh No! is a slurred gem that shines with wit, charm and pathos. Even the title demonstrates the succinct eloquence that makes great pop songs what they are.

Dreams of Yesterday from The Simple Tone is a wonderfully chilled-out meditation that breaks into a delicate and soulful chorus. Fire by Stand On Ceremony deserves a big mention. For the band's poppy-punky style it's a terrific track - this sounds like a dance floor filler. Tom Tilbury's Good Together has a terrific melody and packs sadness and optimism into a timeless pop song. One of the latest entries to the competition was St Ives singer-songwriter Charlie Hiett with his bouncy acoustic track Reason. Great simple production lends itself perfectly to a clever, snappy song. There's tonnes of promise in this and much to enjoy right now.

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Well, that is a quick summary of some of the songs that are standing out for me right now - but it's just my opinion and Paul is apt to disagree with me. There could be a few scuffles between us until a winner is decided upon.

Be sure to be at the Golden Lion in St Ives on Sunday, August 10 for the Almost Famous gig where acts including Tom Tilbury, Rogue Poet and The Simple Tone will be helping to celebrate the competition and bring it all to a fitting finale.



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