Some yellow paint will sort out parking in St Neots

WITH reference to your article ‘Kick out commuters’ (October 12), while having every sympathy with the Longsands daily car parking problems caused by train commuters, this problem also relates to other roads within the town, specifically East Street and Avenue Road.Although perhaps not train commuters, there are many employees of the doctors’ surgery, hairdressing and beauty parlours, dentists and shops who park in these roads rather than pay under �2 per day to park in the two nearby car parks. This, of course, causes huge inconvenience and annoyance to those living in these streets who cannot park anywhere near their properties.

Unfortunately the suggestion put forward by the woman in Eaton Ford that we simply put up ‘No Parking’ signs perhaps isn’t very helpful and is probably illegal (Cinema fan, Letters, September 28).

This problem can only get worse if or when the cinema is developed in Huntingdon Street, as the current Huntingdonshire District Council car park behind Lidl supermarket will be incorporated within the cinema complex.

This car park is currently used by a number of train commuters and local workers who will need to park somewhere else – granted they are currently paying, but these 40 or so parking spaces will not be available once the development commences.

Could First Capital Connect be persuaded to drop its prices a little, could people be persuaded to walk or use the bus service to the station? Maybe we just need a more positive approach by local councillors with large tins of yellow paint.


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