Some signalling on Buckden roundabout would help safety situation

I AM writing in response to Pat King, the Buckden WI President, and the correspondence from Buckden and Perry residents in previous weeks regarding the problem they face when entering and leaving the village junctions onto the notorious A1 roundabout.

Firstly I would just like to wish them good luck to get some kind of improvements made – maybe speed cameras and extra signage but not traffic lights as I have to agree with the Highway Agency comments that these would be far too impractical on such a major trunk road.

I do sympathise with the villagers concerns as having lived in this area all of my life I too have experienced their problems but I would also like to comment on the villagers exiting from both junctions about their lack of signalling on the roundabout. I use the A1 route to work every weekday morning going north and the return journey home in the evening. The point I would like to make is the amount of drivers who in the morning come from the Buckden exit going right round the roundabout to go north without using their right hand indicators and likewise those drivers coming from Perry and heading South.

In my opinion these people are not helping the situation of the dangers of the roundabout by making it a guessing game as to their intentions of direction.

May I say to the aforementioned campaigners that they advise their fellow parishioners to follow the Highway Code and help, not hinder, the use of the roundabout for all users.


Little Paxton