SNOW BLOG: Praise for farmers, poor driving and gritting issues

DID you manage it into work today? Send us your experiences on how you fared, how other drivers were behaving and the general state of the roads. We ll update this section throughout the day. E-mail

DID you manage it into work today? Send us your experiences on how you fared, how other drivers were behaving and the general state of the roads.

We'll update this section throughout the day.

E-mail and you can also send your snow photographs to the same e-mail address.


Please may you put out a HUGE thank you to the four Farmers who helped on Somersham Road this morning.

Due to the snow today and a broken down lorry at the top of one of the hills (if you can call them that) on Somersham Road this morning it was a nightmare. No one could get anywhere.

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Cars were trying to get to Somersham but there was a lorry broken down at the top of one of the hills and due to the the cars trying to get to St Ives there was no way past. By the time anyone could move they were unable to get going due to the snow being compacted.

A couple of 'white van' men tried digging up the snow in order to allow traffic to move but they ended up skidding all over the place too. Eventually two tractors appeared from a near by farm and started pulling cars and the lorry out the way. When the lorry was moved they then came back down the hill and towed each car one by one up the hill!

While this was going on two other farmers arrived with salt from their farm to grit the road.

It was a mess until the very kind farmers came to the rescue so please send a public thank you to them all from all of us silly enough to venture out in the snow!"

Pippa Woodford



"Some people really do not understand how to drive in the snow and ice.

Revving your engine and spinning the wheels for fun is simply unnecessary - yet I followed a driver along the A1123 this morning who did just that, making the conditions even more treacherous for those following.

Some people should really not have a driving licence.

There were other drivers showing a lot of skill - the chap having to control his Maserati I almost felt sorry for, but then again he does have a Maserati and I don't.

For those of you who are wondering where the gritters are, then I can at least tell you the whereabouts of one of them - at about 8.30am this morning it was stuck in a traffic jam heading towards St Ives on the A1123. Not much use really.

And for those trying to catch a bus today: there is life in Stagecoach - at least on the route between Huntingdon and St Ives. Whether that service makes it much further will have to be seen.

At least the condition look like clearing up this afternoon."

Andy Veale


"I left Cambridge to get to Huntingdon at half-six this morning and all the roads in the city were completely covered with snow.

Coming up the top end of the M11 and A14, the fast lane was incredibly tricky. It was as if the gritters had only got there 10 minutes beforehand.

Then there was a broken down lorry near St Ives that caused a 20 minute delay, before it took over half-an-hour to get through Godmanchester. Cars were sliding at very very low speeds."

Cyrus Pundole

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