Slippery slope - a barrow-load of grit would fix it

YOUR item on the ‘slippery slope’ (The Hunts Post, December 1) would have been comical if it were not so potentially dangerous.

If all those so-called ‘services’ are arguing over who is responsible for gritting the slope, how am I supposed to know who to sue for damages if I fall over there and injure myself?

This indecision could be disastrous if I do not know to whom to send a compensation claim, could it not?

Seriously, the situation is ridiculous: talk about passing the buck. Don’t any of the agencies concerned – especially Churchmanor Estates – have any concerns for the safety of those people who, after all is said and done, provide their livelihoods?

Instead of bickering about responsibility, they should get off their backsides and get a barrow-load of grit/sand/salt or whatever and grit that slope before someone does slip over and is severely injured.

The items required are: one wheelbarrow, one shovel, one barrow-load of grit, and just one human being with just a modicum of concern for his/her fellows to spread that barrow-load. That is all it needs.

Sorry, I forgot. They cannot do it until they have filled in that 125-page risk assessment (copy available from Coltishall Parish Council). Silly me. Then the poor wheelbarrow operative will have to pass his ‘wheelbarrow driver’s training course’.

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Will this stupidity never end? It is time to bang some heads together and put an end to this constant plea of ‘it’s not my responsibility’.


Coldhams South