Slideshow: Hunts residents raise money for Haiti earthquake appeal

HARROWING television images showing the devastation of the earthquake in Haiti have prompted thousands of people across the UK to donate to the appeal, raising more than �38million. As many as 200,000 people were killed and �2million made homeless by the

HARROWING television images showing the devastation of the earthquake in Haiti have prompted thousands of people across the UK to donate to the appeal, raising more than �38million.

As many as 200,000 people were killed and �2million made homeless by the huge quake on January 12.

There are 13 charities involved in the rescue operation to provide food, medical supplies, shelter, clean water and hygiene kits.

As well as donating money to the appeal kind-hearted Cambridgeshire people have been coming up with novel ideas to raise money for Haitian people.

Schoolchildren, staff and volunteers at Warboys Community Primary School dressed in red and blue on Friday in honour of the national flag of Haiti. The school raised a total of �600 for the appeal with some children even donating some of their Christmas money.

Pupils at Westfield Junior School in St Ives raised �590 in one-day for the appeal by donating money to wear non-uniform on Friday.

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More than �460 was raised at Wheatfields Primary School in St Ives where youngsters donated money to dress in the colours of the Haiti flag. Helen Shevlin deputy headteacher, said: "The children showed a tremendous understanding of the tragic situation in Haiti and in raising over �460 have definitely done their bit to support this worthy cause.".

Three children at St John's Primary School in Huntingdon managed to stay silent for a whole school week and raised �92.61 from their friends for the Haiti Earthquake Appeal.

School secretary, Anne Purnell said on Monday: "They are still miming to me even though now they are allowed to speak. It seems funny now they are talking to me I had got used to their sign language."

As reported by The Hunts Post last week, Ellie, Macy and Iman hung signs round their necks to explain what they were doing and used Post-It notes to answer questions in class - also holding up stickers saying "yes" and "no" when appropriate.

They collected the money at the school's daily fruit bar.

Self-employed property developer Andy Slade tried something a bit different by giving up alcohol for six weeks and raising �600. He initially intended to donate the money to Cancer Research but after seeing images of the earthquake victims on the television he decided to split the money between the two charities. But to make the challenge more difficult the 45-year-old also had to join his friends in his local pub, the Oliver Cromwell in St Ives, every Friday night and watch them drink. Mr Slade said: "I initially said I would go without an alcoholic drink as a joke. All of my mates just laughed and said I would never be able to do it so I suggested they sponsor me.

"I choose the Haiti appeal as it is topical and my heart goes out to those people who have lost everything."

A party was held by five and six year olds on Saturday raised nearly �400 for Haitian earthquake appeal.

When Hannah Daley and Isobel Prothero and some of their friends from Year one at Buckden School heard of the Haiti earthquake tragedy on television, they decided to hold a charity party - inspired by all the events for Children in Need at the end of last year. They designed and distributed their own invitations, arranged party games and made jewellery to sell. They asked all the parents to bring some snacks and a donation to the appeal fund. Cakes from the party were also sold after morning service at St Mary's Church Buckden.

Ellie Linnell, six arranged games, made invitations and made jewellery to sell, Maisie Isaac, five helped with designing and making the invitations. Evie Haverson, five, made a picture board of the 'happier' side of the earthquake and five-year-old Amelia Riley made a collection box and sold cakes at church. The party was held at Hannah's home in Buckden, her father Laurie said: "We raise �398.59 and the children had a lovely time as well."

Elsewhere rotary club members have been pounding the streets of Cambridgeshire and taking part in fundraising events in a bid to collect money to pay for shelterboxes. The boxes include a 10-person tent, sleeping mats, thermal blankets, sleeping bags, water purification tablets, multi-fuelled cook stove and a children's activity kit.

Each box costs about �500 and so far across the UK rotary clubs have sent more than 900 to the disaster zone.

In Huntingdon the Cromwell Rotary Club has so far sent out one shelterbox and four aquaboxes. The St Ives Rotary Club has raised enough for two shelterboxes.

To help the appeal members of St Ives Rotary Club will be in St Ives town centre on Friday (January 29) from 9am to 3.30pm collecting for the appeal.

INFORMATION: To donate to the appeal visit or phone 0370 6060900 or make a donation over the counter at any post office or high street bank.

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