Shocked that plan to revive St Neots pub is allowed to die

I HAVE to say how shocked I am with our district council for allowing such a great idea [for reviving the Old Falcon in St Neots] to be washed away

I strongly agree that it would be beneficial for Dennis Whitfield to update the pub and create a small shopping complex in the building, but yet our council has knocked this idea and Dennis has been forced to consider selling. In my view, the council should appreciate ideas like Dennis’ – surely it would be better to have a business in an empty premise? Surely they will be receiving some sort of rate out of the former Falcon, once it has been opened, and VAT, for instance, would be added to all sales of the Falcon, so this will help the economy which currently is in financial disaster. As well as this, recruitment opportunities may arise from Dennis updating the Falcon and being given permission to create a small shopping complex.

In my view, the council needs to get a grip! Residents should be asked for their idea on the town, not a council vote. Consumers are more important than the council which never approves any good ideas. A vote for the St Neots residents should be had and this will be more likely to improve our town, increase footfall and boost the sales in St Neots town and the businesses which are struggling.

Huntingdon gets £25million investment into its high-street and our town doesn’t - it is hardly surprising with a council that rubbishes ideas which are good and appeal.


St Neots Road