Secret Garden Party costs Hinchingbrooke Hospital

I READ with interest your report about the Secret Garden Party held during the weekend of July 27-28 and thought you might be interested in a different aspect to it.

Unfortunately I was admitted to the medical assessment unit (MAU) of Hinchingbrooke Hospital on Saturday, July 27, with an infection caused by chemotherapy which I am currently undergoing. The MAU is a very busy place indeed and the doctors and nursing staff are rushed off their feet most of the time.

At about 6am on the morning of July 29, the bay of five beds in which I was being cared for erupted with the sounds of swearing, physical abuse, banging and screaming, the likes of which totally frightened everyone in the bay. Then about six police officers arrived and stayed in our bay. Apparently the eruption was caused by a young lady who had been at the Secret Garden Party and had taken drugs.

After about four hours of being totally traumatised by the situation, the young lady was eventually moved to a side ward where two police officers then sat outside the room to try to prevent any more trouble. I understand that as many as 60 people were treated in A&E and the MAU over the weekend.

I am sure that the majority of people who attended the festival had a great time, but unfortunately the cost of looking after the sick has to be paid for by Hinchingbrooke Hospital. Would it not be within reason for festival organiser Fred Fellowes to make a donation to the hospital. After all he must make a lot of money each year from the sale of tickets.

As for the young lady one would hope that she would be brought before the courts and fined appropriately.


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