Scouts were there to clear up after vandals

I AM an assistant scout leader and returned to Warboys High Street on Wednesday evening (November 23) after a five-mile cross country hike with the troop only to be greeted by rubbish from upturned recycling bins all over the footpath.

Although scouts were not responsible for this minor vandalism they picked up the bins and cleared up the rubbish even though they were tired and wanted to get home.

It is a pity that the idiots who spilled the rubbish did not think about the mess or impression they were creating in the village, adding to the anger and disappointment that many feel about the younger generation vandalising play equipment in parks and damaging parked cars, etc.

We take pride in our village and try to provide facilities for all age groups to enjoy but it is just a pity that a very small number of people undermine what we do. Thank heavens that there are still a large number of children who are responsible and do take pride in their local environment.


Ash Close