Saving £8million or not wasting as much?

I READ with interest Councillor Darren Tysoe’s letter of June 19 concerning the green bin tax. I am one of the 4,000 that have returned my bin.

Cllr Tysoe refers to the savings the council is making, so I wonder why, when I phoned to have my bin collected, they refused to pick up my spare grey bin and my spare blue bin? My children have now flown the nest so extra bins are not required. I was told they would have to be collected under a different job order at a different time. I pointed out that they were standing next to the garden bin so could easily be taken at the same time but was told again it could not happen – a lorry would be sent out at a different time for them which is hardly cost-effective. I also have access to a van and offered to take them to the council depo myself, only to be told this is not allowed. A real jobsworth attitude.

Cllr Tysoe also states £8million has been saved without any effect on my services. I am sorry but in my eyes sir this means that £8m of our tax was being wasted before.

Also, Cllr Tysoe states that “we’ve stripped levels of management to make huge savings”. I ask again if the council is running without these managers (and I would guess very highly paid managers), what were they doing when they were employed? It sounds like very little, probably spend the £8m.

One can only conclude you’re not really saving at all – you’re just not wasting as much.


Glocester Road

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