Safety should be priority at Buckden - not congestion

I WOULD like to support the WI campaign for traffic lights on Buckden roundabout. I completely agree that the roundabout is dangerous and we shouldn’t have to risk our lives every time we leave the village.

I go to work at 8am and generally the A1 traffic is continuous, and fast and very unwilling to give way. It was particularly bad last week. I think it is completely unacceptable that the Highways Agency has taken out all the roundabouts on the A1 north of Buckden, yet feel it unnecessary to deal with the problems experienced at Buckden.

I’d disagree that the only consideration is whether or not traffic lights would cause delays for A1 traffic – I believe the residents of Buckden also have the right to be able to exit the village safely.

Personally, I feel the ideal solution would be to re-route the A1 between the A14 intersection and Black Cat roundabout, which would deal with the problems at Buckden, Diddington and Southoe, but it is highly unlikely that this would ever be considered.


Aragon Close


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