Road safety partnership launches new bin sticker initiative to tackle speeding drivers

New venture between Community Roadwatch and Mick George will see residents put speed signs on bins

New venture between Community Roadwatch and Mick George will see residents put speed signs on bins - Credit: Archant

Wheelie-bins are the latest tool to be used to encourage speeding drivers to slow down in villages across Huntingdonshire.

A joint campaign by Community Roadwatch and Huntingdon-based business Mick George will see large 20, 30 and 40mph speed limit stickers placed on the sides of bins.

It means on rubbish collection days there could be thousands of roadside reminders to drivers to check their speed.

The idea was launched earlier this month by the partnership after being unable to find fixed locations to position signage where there are large numbers of vehicles.

Dave McCandless, managing and co-ordinating director of Community Roadwatch, has been in discussions with parish councils within Cambridgeshire to help with distribution of the signs.

“Up to now the response has been positive, we issued the first lot of stickers in Somersham, with other village locations set to follow shortly. These will include, Colne, Wyton on the Hill, Haddenham, Warboys to start with,” said Mr McCandless.

The stickers have been designed to resemble the traditional format of speed restriction signs from the Highways Agency, in order for them to be easily recognisable to road users and passers-by.

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Joe Gossage, transport manager at Mick George, said: “With vehicles and transport such a large part of our business dependency, we recognise we have a responsibility as an employer, and to our clients, or customers, in the regions which we operate, to ensure sufficient safety precautions are in place.”

Anyone looking get involved in the scheme is asked to contact Mr McCandless, of Roadwatch, on 0140 462587 or go to

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