Rethink A14 solution or problems will reoccur

CAMBRIDGESHIRE County Council’s proposals for solving the problems with the A14, as your article on February 15 do not appear at all inspiring.

All that is seemingly being suggested is the reinstatement of the scheme that was abandoned because of cost in 2010 with the exception of making the three lane (each direction) diversion between Fen Drayton and the A1 into a toll road.

Very few people would be in favour of a toll road and the fact that the toll section of the M6 has not met with any great success, how could it be expected that a toll section of the A14 would prove to be any better? Thus nothing new is being proposed.

What I just cannot understand is why there is no mention of trying to alleviate the causes of the congestion before spending millions of pounds in trying to get over the situation and leaving the causes to continue unabated.

As everyone knows, the two main reasons currently causing the congestion and blockages are the very many accidents occurring due to the lack of driving skills of some drivers and the ever increasing amount of HGVs on our roads.

The accidents must be addressed by imposing much more severe penalties on those responsible and regarding the long distance movement of freight, as much as possible must be transferred on to our railways.

Also the suggestion of dualling the remaining section of the A428 from the Caxton Gibbet to the A1 at Wyboston Lakes should be actively considered as it would give an alternative route for much of the traffic presently using this section of the A14.

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Whilst a solution must be found and implemented to improve traffic flow on this road, it must not be by just resurrecting the scheme that was abandoned in October 2010 without addressing the causes of the present congestion and blockages, otherwise the problem will just re-occur.