Residents call in environment experts to monitor heavy vehicles through Earith

RESIDENTS have called in experts to analyse the impact of heavy vehicles travelling through their village.

Owen McLaughlin, of High Street, Earith, has asked Aspen Environmental to study the effect of lorries on the A1123 and the impact on the stability of buildings and the environment.

Boxes have been placed throughout the village as well as in Hilton, Haddenham, Cottenham and Wilburton to measure levels of vibration, noise, nitrous oxide and soot particles.

Mr McLaughlin, secretary of the Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) forum, said: “We are about halfway through collating the evidence.

“Providing the evidence shows HCVs are having an adverse impact we would look at ways to reduce the effect.

“This could be done by reducing the speed limit, as speed creates the largest amount of noise and vibration, or we might be able to have a traffic regulation order which could ban lorries using the road at certain times.

“We could also look to improve road surfaces.”

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The results from the study will be sent to Aspen in three weeks with a report on the findings due within a month after that.