Reaction to dog chasing a cat was a bit OTT

As a responsible owner of two dogs it always fills me with sadness when I see a bad news dog story but this just made me boil!

Arlene Turner’s appraisal of the situation seems a bit OTT.

Dogs can be a bit crafty at times and given half a chance mine would chase a cat or a squirrel or leaves, does that make them dangerous? No, of course not, that’s what dogs do!!

Guess what? Cats chase mice and birds and they wander off all over the place. If I was a responsible mouse owner and one got chased by a cat does that make the cat dangerous? Also how does cheese feel being chased by mice?

Looking at Arlene holding her beloved Tom, who looks to be in one piece, as does Arlene, it strikes me that this dog despite being out on its own was just being a dog. Is it any wonder the police weren’t bothered? I’m sure they’ve better things to do than worry about a dog chasing a cat. The one time I actually saw a dog corner a cat the dog lost!

Martin Wheeler

Sandwich Road

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