Ramsey postman keep delivery my mail elsewhere

HEY, hey wait a minute Mr Postman!

Some time back there was sympathy given to the Ramsey postal workers having to travel to Huntingdon to do their job when the Ramsey sorting office closes in 2012. I was one of those people who did feel for them having to travel to Huntingdon and then back to Ramsey to deliver letters in their home town.

However, every time my mail is delivered to someone else’s house when the letters are clearly marked with my address, my sympathy wears very thin.

Friday, October 21, was the last straw. Private and confidential papers containing very personal details were delivered once again to the wrong address a week before, opened and sent back to the sender and then delivered back to me.

I now feel that Ramsey postal workers don’t care, so why should we? The sooner it moves to Huntingdon the better – we may just get letters delivered to the right address and their actions and unprofessional approach to the public and businesses who keep them in a job, will be dealt with and not swept under the carpet and forgotten about.


Newtown Road

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