RAF Wyton has suffered major loss of jobs

I READ your interview with Wing Commander Brown (February 10 and would like to make the following points.

RAF Wyton was a 3,500 strong base until collocation of the Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) Organisation moved to Abbeywood, Bristol. RAF Wyton itself was never under threat as the relocation of staff from RAF Brampton to RAF Wyton facilitated the sale of RAF Brampton.

Project Pride does allow the geospatial intelligence to be based in one place, but to facilitate this new buildings are being put in place to accommodate the staff from RAF Brampton. So although RAF Wyton gain staff from the intelligence community, the loss of 3,000 plus posts to Bristol has not been replaced. RAF Wyton currently only has some 300 staff which includes the relocation of some staff from Waterbeach and some contractor staff who are due to move later this year.

RAF Wyton had four fully-staffed pavilions and 14 barrack blocks but this has reduced to only two staffed pavilions and one barrack block. This still leaves two pavilions now empty with no further plans for creating new jobs.

Some DE&S staff that could not move to Abbeywood still remain at RAF Wyton, and these are mainly those staff with caring responsibilities, part timers and those with disabilities. Once the work they are currently doing comes to an end they will then have to look for other jobs or more likely take voluntary redundancy. However, this is not a comprehensive package given the changes made to that scheme by the Government.

We are grateful that we were allowed to keep some jobs at RAF Wyton, and we are hoping that further jobs can be brought to this area to help those staff who have lost jobs during this very difficult period.


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