RAF Brampton - growth is inevitable

I WAS interested to read your article on the redevelopment of RAF Brampton, and that a website had been set up to protest at the proposals to build 830 new houses (The Hunts Post, November 3).

I was a little amused at the placing of the article, right next to a headline reading ‘Council fights homeless hike’.

As a Bramptonian of all my life, along with my mother, her father and I believe his father, why do people find it so necessary to protest at any changes planned within the village?

I grew up on Grove Estate, consisting of Bernard Road, Olivia Road and Mandeville Road. My mother and father lived there for 53 years, although, having only been built around 1952, this house would not have been there when my mother was growing up. Good job nobody objected to this estate.

The whole of Horseshoes Way and all roads leading off this was only started around 1963, yet another very large estate for people to purchase houses in.

Within my memory the entire road of Miller Way was fields and allotments, and all of Crane Street etc was once again fields.

Brampton has become what it has through large developments. Not many villages can boast dentists, vets, take-aways, doctors’ surgeries, gift shops, estate agents, hairdressers, supermarkets, chemists, bakers, art galleries, dress-makers, post offices, the list goes on.

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All these will benefit from additional housing, as will local pubs, restaurants and small businesses.

People need to accept change, as without it the people complaining might not have a house to live in in Brampton.


High Street