Quality of life is falling in Huntingdon

THE concrete jungle of our county (and the whole country) is being built now. I refer to the over-population problem of Huntingdon and Cambridgeshire. For those living here with memories of more than 10 years, you will remember the quality of life that has now gone.

I have lived in Huntingdon 20 years – 40 years in Cambridgeshire – and have noticed a dramatic decrease in quality of life due to the escalation of the population.

Our roads are clogging up (can emergency vehicles get by?), doctors’ surgeries struggle to cope and long queues at shops are commonplace. You now have to determine the time of your shop when it’s less busy – a 24-hour Tesco became necessary and that’s now overwhelmed.

The road between Huntingdon and St Ives is having houses build all the way along so that we will have one larger town.

Front page news on December 1 claimed that 100,000 houses per year will now need to be built on green belt land in this country.

The Hunts Post had an article about a road crossing near our Stukeley Meadows school that is confusing as to whether vehicles or pedestrians have priority. But the problem is that it is a bottle-neck of Tesco Express next door. Cars park along the road, delivery trucks try to get in and more traffic tries to pass by. I’ve witnessed many near crashes, including a hit-and-run over a child’s bicycle.

Before 2004, Huntingdon was a reasonably pleasant place to live, but it is a natural equation that as the population increases, quality of life decreases as we all try to share the same space and resources. The outlook is to get worse with each passing year until we put a stop to house building and mass immigration.

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I think I’m being realistic, not pessimistic, but I know we are a weak country where most people don’t seem to mind and don’t stand up against the deterioration of life that is coming their way.

By an unfair voting system we elect millionaires as MPs and they don’t comprehend the man on the street.


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