Pye’s decision should make people think about Cambs vote

I GREATLY admire John Pye’s decision to stand down as Conservative party candidate for the forthcoming election for Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire.

It shows him to be a man of integrity and strong belief and the reasons for his decision will make people stop and think hard about who they vote for in November.

As Mr Pye states, this new role should indeed be impartial and totally independent of party politics. As I understand it, this was the intention in the original White Paper that first suggested this change in policing. Unfortunately along the way the situation changed and it was decided that political candidates would be allowed to stand.

In my view this election is about empowering the people to reject the same old faces and tired arguments and elect a commissioner who can truly act in their best interests without fear of upsetting their political masters, either real or perceived.

My own nomination is based simply and clearly on four key principles: transparency, independence, public engagement and social cohesion. I believe these are decent and all-inclusive values that will be vital in re-building trust between the police and the communities they serve – which after all is the main reason the election is being held.


Prospective Independent PCC Candidate

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