Put containers back on rail to avoid A14 upgrade need

I WRITE after reading your article on the A14. Yet again we read severely distorted views from John Bridge, who not surprisingly has many links to the haulage industry, and his views are the expression of someone who would possibly benefit in some way from this vastly overrated and unnecessary blight on the landscape of Cambridge.

He has continued to make these statements since the road was earmarked for abandonment.

Why does he, along with so many others, think that a new road will stop these incidents and accidents? They won’t: all they will do is move the problem to another road and therefore we will have yet another very expensive white elephant.

I have no hard statistics for how many accidents involve HCVs but I can imagine they are involved in a great number of them.

I witness the most appalling standards of driving from a great number of these truckers who think they can just indicate and then pull out. They cause other drivers to have to brake hard and to make dangerous manoeuvres: they do this in total disregard to the safety of other road users.

The latest escapade involved a mobile crane, yet another HCV, so let’s get this mess on an even keel. It’s not the road but the users that are at fault, and no new road will change that.

What I feel we need is for the container traffic to be put back on the railways. This would have the effect of reducing the weight of traffic considerably, and then the alternative route of the A428 needs to be upgraded to dual carriageway thus providing a viable alternative route from Cambridge to the A1.

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The whole problem revolves around trucks. There just too many of them rumbling through our area. Reduce the numbers and then reduce the congestion and the need for another major spending spree.


Potton Road