How to make the most out of your outdoor space

Exterior structure at Outside Structure Solutions in Huntingdon

Outside Structure Solutions provide a range of products and services for residential and commercial properties - Credit: Outside Structure Solutions

Installing a canopy over any outdoor area requires plenty of planning, and no small amount of project management.

Whether it’s a retractable canopy for the outside seating area of a restaurant, or a bespoke structure for a residential property, going to the experts is always a safe bet.  

Tom Gosling, business development manager at Outside Structure Solutions, explains the benefits of utilising a specialist company to take care of exterior construction. 

Outside structure at Outside Structure Solutions in Cambridgeshire

Outside Structure Solutions install exterior structures that complement the garden and provide shelter - Credit: Outside Structure Solutions

Q: What types of products and services do you provide? 

A: We provide a range of high-quality products to customers across the UK. We can install retractable canopies that extend over your garden seating area, cassette awnings to provide shade over your living room windows and bespoke services for any unique project that you may have in mind. 

We have seen a large increase in demand for cube structures this year, which are quite often specifically designed with home offices in mind. Over the course of the pandemic, we made sure that the transition to home working has been as easy as possible for our clients.

Eclettica product at Outside Structure Solutions in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Outside Structure Solutions are the official UK launcher of the new Eclettica from Giulio Barbieri - Credit: Giulio Barbieri

Q: What can you offer to people looking for outdoor canopies?     

A: As an established business, there’s plenty we can offer our customers. Thanks to our Gibus Atelier accreditation, we can supply the highest quality outdoor canopies, fixed roofs and retractable roller walls so you can enjoy your garden at all times of the year. 

Instead of you worrying about managing every detail of your outdoor project, our technicians know exactly what is required to create the desired result – they handle each stage of the process, so you don’t have to. 

Q: What are some of your best options for homeowners seeking to improve their garden? 

A: We provide a UK-wide installation and delivery service for some of the best structures available on the market. Alongside our Gibus range, we are the official UK launcher for Giulio Barbieri products such as the Eclettica. Replacing older options such as conservatories, this fixed roof structure provides usable space for an outside office or dining area. 

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As the main supplier for this excellent product, you can be sure Outside Structure Solutions will transform your garden into a setting fit for al-fresco summer evenings with family and friends. 

The Eclettica at Outdoor Structure Solutions in Huntingdon

The Eclettica reinvigorates outdoor living spaces by combining aesthetics and functionality - Credit: Giulio Barbieri

Q: Why should customers place their trust in your company? 

A: We take a genuine interest in the wellbeing of our clients. It is a highly personalised experience purchasing one of our products. We take into consideration our customers’ interests, advising them accordingly by tailoring our service to their needs and creating a bespoke exterior that fits all requirements.  

Instead of ordering a canopy online, having it installed and hoping that it lasts throughout the year, we do our utmost to build high quality, resilient structures for all of our clients. 

To learn more about Outside Structure Solutions and their services, you can visit or call 01480 413050.