How a local estate agent can help you find your dream home in St Neots

Sold sign outside row of houses at Peter Lane & Partners, St Neots

St Neots is a fantastic place to purchase a home, with excellent transport links and a vibrant town centre. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Whether you’re searching for the perfect new house or looking to sell an old residence, the services and expertise of a local estate agent can prove invaluable. 

There are numerous factors to consider when buying or selling a property and it can be an overwhelming challenge to see the process through to completion without assistance.  

To offer some guidance, we chat to Stuart Meriton, director at Peter Lane & Partners in St Neots. He explains the value of local knowledge and connections for people looking to buy and sell in the Cambridgeshire area.  

Q: What is conveyancing and how can estate agents help clients complete it? 

A: Conveyancing refers to the legal process of transferring a property from one party to another. Whether someone is buying, selling or mortgaging, there are required contracts and paperwork that need to be filled out and processed before the sale can go through.  

The legalities of a property can be challenging, especially for new homeowners who are going through the process for the first time. By working with a well-known local estate agent, clients will have access to a wide range of conveyancers with a deep understanding of the housing industry’s legal framework.  

By being able to recommend local, expert solicitors, we can keep constant communication going between all parties.

Older couple looking at paperwork with estate agent at Peter Lane & Partners, Cambridgeshire

Whether you're buying or selling a property, Peter Lane & Partners can provide an effective service all the way through the process. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Q: How important is it for buyers to seek guidance when arranging a mortgage? 

A: It's incredibly important for someone purchasing a property to seek help, especially when organising their own mortgage package. This is an arrangement that needs to be sorted out properly and with the correct procedures followed. As established estate agents for more than 20 years, we’ve helped buyers and sellers across the county throughout the entire housing market. 

Our extensive network enables us to recommend a very reliable mortgage broker that we have been working with for decades. A broker, as opposed to a mortgage lender, can speak with our clients straight away and search for the package that best suits their particular needs.  

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Rather than simply providing a singular offer, estate agents and mortgage brokers can help to facilitate a much more comprehensive view of what is available for borrowing and who will offer the best interest rates, as well as completing the transaction in an efficient manner. 

Q: What does St Neots have to offer in terms of new properties on the market? 

A: We have very close relationships with respected developers, many of whom build new properties nationally but have a keen interest in expanding St Neots with a range of lovely new homes. There are several options available for buyers, ranging from single building plots to large-scale development sites.  

Estate agents like us, who are grounded in the local area and have a network of national and local developers, can offer an extensive service for clients interested in new builds, or selling a plot for building work. In today’s busy housing market, it’s even more vital that people come to trusted estate agents for valuations or to assist in the advertising of their new development. 

Estate agent speaking on phone to client at Peter Lane & Partners, St Neots

As well-respected local estate agents, Peter Lane & Partners can recommend a number of excellent conveyancers and brokers, keeping in constant communication to complete the transaction. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Q: For people looking to move to the area, what are the most attractive aspects of living in St Neots? 

A: There are so many advantages to living in St Neots, one of which is the incredible public transportation links to various hotspots. We’re lucky enough to be situated on the London-Edinburgh line, on which the fast train can take you to Kings Cross in 38 minutes. It also has easy road access to popular towns and cities such as Bedford, Cambridge and Peterborough, so there’s plenty of opportunity for commuters. 

St Neots is already one of the biggest towns in Cambridgeshire and continues to grow. There’s a new school being built on the Wintringham development, and a vibrant town centre with a wonderful mixture of pubs, shops and restaurants. The town also hosts a farmers' market at the weekend, and a market with arts and crafts every Thursday. There are plenty of events held throughout the year, such as the annual regatta on the river during the summer. 

All in all, St Neots is a fantastic place to live and work and is one of the most vibrant and scenic areas of Cambridgeshire. 

For more information about buying or selling a home in the local area, visit or call 01480 406400.